The work with clients coping with ADD/ADHD may focus on improving self esteem, confidence, vocational direction, organization, time management, memory efficiency, motivation, relationships, hope, and other goals.
He provides individual consultatons as well as group, couples and family psychotherapy.

Psychological diagnostic evaluations are available. Evaluations include a thorough history including significant other questionnaires and interviews. Testing includes personality assessments, Test of Variables of Attention, and several other tests and inventories.
Learning disabilties and other sources of difficulties with attention are reviewed and tests may be administered.
Problems unrelated to ADD/ADHD can be identified and, if desired, medical referrals made to nutritionists, homeopaths, neurologists, psychiatrists, family doctors and others.
Of course alternatives to medical treatments for ADD/ADHD will be discussed and offered along with referrals to support groups.

Evaluations may take one to five sessions, but usually only three. You will be asked to bring, if available, grammar school report cards, questionnaires from several significant others, and thorough childhood, medical, and life histories.

The goals of the diagnosis and treatment are to develop plans to: strive to overcome the limits of ADD/ADHD, achieve realistic goals, reach your potential, pursue your hopes and dreams, teach others about your special skills, energy, gifts, and share your unique perceptions of the world all the while striving to maintain or achieve inner peace and harmony..