Couples Counseling in Fair Haven, NJ

If you and your partner find yourselves constantly at odds with one another, you may be in need of Fair Haven, NJ, couples counseling from the professional therapist at Robert W. LoPresti, Ph.D. We let our clients know that we'll be dedicated to their satisfaction during each session.

Our friendly psychologist has more than 25 years of experience, and we'll strive to accommodate your scheduling needs by being available during both daytime and evening hours. Our counselor takes a detailed approach to counseling, and we:

  • Aim to help couples identify problems and potential solutions
  • Educate clients on effective communication skills for relationships
  • Work closely with partners as they reclaim their love and trust for one another

If you and your partner are struggling to maintain a healthy, happy relationship, consider seeking Fair Haven, NJ, couples counseling. Contact the counselor at Robert W. LoPresti, Ph.D. if you have questions about our services or if you're ready to make an appointment.